Kids Scream For Help As Deadly Spider Found In Paddling Pool


This is just one more reason why you should never visit Australia!

A terrifying video shows the moment a group of children spotted a deadly spider in their paddling pool in New South Wales.

The footage, filmed on January 2, features the kids happily splashing around in their new Christmas gift, before (understandably) screaming bloody murder when they spot the highly poisonous funnel web spider casually swimming around with them.

As reported by the Mirror Online, the uploader of the video wrote:

Thankfully, the children were able to alert their father who was able to remove it and send it to the Australian Reptile Park. [There] the funnel webs are milked for their venom which is then processed into anti-venom for any unfortunates who are actually bitten.

Hey, perhaps the sizeable arachnid just wanted to make some new friends but, given that one bite from one of these little venomous bastards can penetrate fingernails and soft shoes, we definitely can’t blame anyone for fleeing in sheer terror the second they see one of these guys!