Killer Clown Prank Seriously Backfires When ‘Victim’ Pulls Out Handgun



It seems the killer clown phase is yet to die…

…Though this guy got pretty close to killing it.

A Youtube prankster made the mistake of dressing up as a clown and trying to scare people in Stockton California, where he calls ‘the hood’, the Daily Mail reports.

Sadiq Mohammad, 20, runs the Youtube channel HoodClips, and went on a pranking spree, managing to scare away quite a few people in ‘the hood’.

It wasn’t going to be long before someone drew a gun on him, and as the video shows, one unimpressed victim pulled out a handgun and sent Mohammad running.


The man asks the clown:

Why you gonna play that s**t in Stockton, brother?’ the man asks.

That shit done-ass played out, bro.


Since the clip went viral, receiving more than 140,000 views, Mohammad said he has learned his lesson.

He said:

Lesson learned is, people don’t play with the clown stuff. Like, people really will shoot anybody.

He said he would apologise if he ever saw the guy…not that he would recognise him anyway.