Kim Jong-un Channels Paddy McGuinness To Matchmake For His Little Sister



Kim Jong-un is launching a Take Me Out style matchmaking contest to find a husband for his younger sister.

29-year-old Kim Yo-jong is now North Korea ’s most powerful woman after she was elected to the country’s Central Committee earlier this month, reports The Mirror.

But it seems like power isn’t enough, as her big bro will personally vet 30 candidates from Pyongyang’s elite in a process that eerily echoes Paddy McGuinness’s ITV show.


It’s fair to say that in Kim’s version there is a little more at stake with the victorious suitor winning the hand in marriage of the rotund despot’s sister.

The regime reportedly tried to find a hubby for Kim back in 2012 but apparently no one lived up to the – what it’s safe to assume are terrifying – expectations.

Candidates must have either graduated from or be students at Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung University, be 5’10” tall, good looking and have served in the army.


The plans were revealed by a North Korean defector who managed to escape to the South.

The man also denied reports that she was married to the son of army chief Choe Ryong-hae, revealing Choe’s son actually died in a car accident in 2013.

Kim Jong-un is reportedly particularly fond of his little sister – they spent years living abroad together in the nineties and Kim Yo-Jong has played a prominent behind-the-scenes role ever since her brother came to power.

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According to reports she is one of the few people who has direct access to him and is partly responsible for managing his diary, coordinating his fashion and hairstyle (nailed it) and assisting in the arrangement of his meetings.

She may be a perfectly nice woman but personally I can think of nothing more terrifying than being married to Kim Jong-un’s little sister…