‘Kim Jong-Un’ Has Been Spotted At The Rio Olympics


North Korea has a reputation for keeping tabs on its athletes but we doubt even their Olympians expected to see their supreme leader at the Rio Olympics.

Kim Jong-un’s been spotted at the Rio games chatting with the athletes and taking selfies with the crowd, or at least so it seems.

The portly dictator didn’t actually make it to the games but his impersonator ‘Howard’ did, making an appearance at the track and field events, Yahoo reports.

The Australian-Hongkong impersonator wore the chubby dictator’s iconic outfit and took photos with fans and athletes at the Olympic festivities.

Maybe Howard’s presence has given North Korea some extra motivation as the country so far won seven medals in Rio: two gold, three silver and two bronze, the country’s biggest haul since the games in Barcelona in 1992 where they won nine medals.

Not all of the the rogue state’s citizens are enjoying the Olympics though, North Korean gymnast Ri Se-Gwang, was supposedly fighting back tears on the winners podium even though he won gold in the gymnastics vault.

People watching the games claimed online that he was upset at the prospect of returning to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.

The North Korean team were accompanied by government officials to Brazil, and have apparently been given strict orders by Kim Jong-un after a number of high-profile people defected from the rogue state.