Kim Jong-un’s Stash Of Secret Weapons Revealed By Satellite Images


Satellite images may have unveiled North Korea’s hidden secret weapons experts claim. 

Former British Embassy worker Dr James Hoare has told The Daily Star that the images show a network of bunkers which hide secret military installations including nuclear weapons.

Despite most of the world dismissing the Hermit Kingdom’s recent sabre rattling as posturing, Dr Hoare has warned that they may be more prepared for war than we realise.


Hoare said: 

You may know what is on the surface, and you may have suspicions about other places, but there is no guarantee any strike at its nuclear facilities would take it all out.

Then you run the danger of provoking them without disarming them.

A number of North Korean defectors have allegedly helped America work out the locations of a number of the countries estimated 6,000-8,000 underground bases.

Google/Daily Star

It’s also believed that there are nearly 100 secret tunnels that go under the border with South Korea and are allegedly designed to move infantry quickly should war ever break out between the divided nations.

North Korea’s going to need those tunnels if their recent ballistic missile test is anything to go by. According to U.S. and South Korean officials, North Korea’s most recent missile ended up careening of course and smashing into The Japanese sea.


Not exactly what you want from an explosive weapon…

Then again all these claims could be complete bullshit which, judging by North Korea’s propensity for making stuff up (do you know they claim they found a unicorn once) is more than likely.

Google/Daily Star

Check out a video claiming it’s all nonsense here…

That’s right, internet detectives think they’ve rumbled North Korea making paper mache missiles.

Normally I’d back the official reports but you never know with North Korea…