Kim Kardashian’s Now Famous ‘Twin’ Can’t See The Resemblance

Kamilla Osman/Instagram

The woman who has been dubbed as Kim Kardashian’s twin has somehow claimed that she doesn’t see the incredible likeness.

Kamilla Osman sent the internet into meltdown after she joined Instagram three months ago, with her resemblance to Kim earning her 130,000 followers.

The fashion blogger from Toronto has told Elle Magazine that any similarity is purely coincidental.

Kamilla Osman/Instagram

She said:

I personally do not see that much resemblance with Kim Kardashian in myself.”


I wouldn’t say I “follow Kim Kardashian,” but I do certainly do all those things to keep myself fresh at all times.

I do have a healthy diet, have a personal trainer, waist train, and contour.”

Kamilla Osman/Instagram
Kamilla Osman/Instagram

I think someone is being coy here.

Literally everything about Kamilla screams Kim lookalike, right down to lapping up the media spotlight.