Kimbo Slice’s Son’s Pro MMA Debut Was Absolutely Brutal


It seems like Kevin Ferguson Jr’s pro MMA debut has been a long time coming but he finally hit the cage last night. 

The son of legendary street fighter Kimbo Slice had twice been scheduled for his debut only for both fights to be called off at the last minute reports Uproxx.

Baby Slice finally stepped out at Bellator 165 against Aaron Hamilton but unfortunately the result wasn’t quite what he was hoping for.

After a strong start Ferguson managed to lock Hamilton into an Anaconda choke but couldn’t quite finish.

Instead he allowed his opponent to scramble out and apply his own choke, earning the tap three minutes into the second round.

Slice had come into Bellator with a lot of hype, having won his first and only amateur fight via violent knockout in under two minutes, but last night his inexperience showed through.

This is precisely why Baby Slice was put on the prelims – to allow him to gain experience without being unfairly scrutinised at every turn.

This almost certainly won’t be the last time Slice appears on a Bellator card and given time he could be ready for a televised fight – and good luck to him!