Kind Police Officer Buys New Shoes For Homeless Man Kicked Off Bus

by : UNILAD on : 11 Nov 2015 18:30
Kayla Christine Palmer/Facebook

After a homeless man was kicked off a bus for being barefoot, a kind police officer stepped in and bought the guy some new boots.

Kenya Joyner, 43, of the Delaware River Port Authority, was asked to escort the unnamed man off the bus on Saturday as he was breaking the rules.


He queried why the man wasn’t wearing any shoes and, when he was told this poor guy didn’t own any footwear because he couldn’t afford it, the officer decided to change that.

As reported by NBC Philadelphia, Joyner then spent $45 on new boots from a local store in Lindenwold, New Jersey, and the officer’s random act of kindness was caught on video and shared on Facebook by local resident Kayla Christine Palmer.

When she approached Joyner to shake his hand and thank him for the kind gesture, she informed the officer she was filming the encounter so people could see his good deed for themselves.


At that point, the officer became embarrassed and said he didn’t want any recognition for his deed because his colleagues do things like this all the time without getting any recognition.

Joyner later told the Philadelphia Inquirer:

I know plenty of officers that have done similar actions and even greater ones, but I guess I was caught on film. Most officers have no problem being the way I am.

Kayla Christine Palmer/Facebook

Also speaking to the Inquirer, Palmer said she shot the video to counteract the public perception of police being uncaring.

She added:

I need to film this because you see all these negative stories about police in the news these days. You don’t really see anything positive. I could tell he was really humble. He didn’t want any recognition for it.

What an awesome guy. Respect.

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