Kit Harington Reveals The Only Fantasy He Likes More Than Game Of Thrones

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Kit Harington has revealed the only fantasy he likes more than Game of Thrones and his answer will surprise no one.


That is because it is Harry Potter and who doesn’t adore J.K. Rowling’s wonderful wizarding creation.

And best of all not only does Kit love Harry Potter, but he is completely obsessed with it.


In an interview with The Cut, Kit was asked if there was anything he was a secret expert of.


He had only one answer:

Harry Potter. I’m pretty good with Harry Potter.

He was also asked what house he would be in:

Gryffindor, obviously. No one wants to be Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw is boring, Slytherin is full of psychos, as people know.

I mean fair enough you are a Gryffindor Kit but there is no need to be mean about all the other houses. Ravenclaw is most definitely not boring!

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Also although Kit hasn’t met J.K. Rowling he would love to as he thinks she is ‘fabulous’.

Of course the Harry Potter franchise is still churning out films in the shape of the Fantastic Beasts series, so Kit still has a chance at being a wizard on the big screen.


He even admitted that he would ‘love to be in those movies’. Warner Bros. you know what to do!

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Kit is unsure what character he would like to play though saying:

I don’t know if I would want to be a goodie or baddie, I just know I want to hold a wand.

I know exactly how I’d hold a wand — you know how Ralph Fiennes does it, with his hand up, that’s what I’d do.

Of course Fiennes played Voldemort, the biggest baddie of them all, but if Harington was in Fantastic Beasts he would have a to play a hero.

With the final series of Game of Thrones starting production soon, Kit will have his eye on the next big gig.

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