Knife-Wielding Man Takes Hostages At Phone Shop ‘After Receiving Large Bill’

Solent News & Photo AgencySolent News & Photo Agency

An armed siege took place this afternoon at a Virgin Media store in Portsmouth.

A knife-wielding man allegedly entered the store in anger after receiving a large phone bill from the company.

Spotted Portsmouth wrote in a Facebook post:

A machete-wielding maniac has sparked a major hostage situation in the centre of Portsmouth’s Commercial Road.

A man armed with a machete entered the Virgin Media store in Commercial Road at lunchtime caused mayhem before taking four hostages.

The man was said to be irate over a recent, large phone bill from the telecommunications firm.

The front and rear of the building have been cordoned off with Police officers, armed with machine guns, seen entering the building from both directions.

The suspect initially let three hostages go, and – after being spoken to by hostage negotiators – has now reportedly been arrested.

Portsmouth Police posted on Twitter: “We can confirm that we have detained a man following a public order situation in the city centre. TY for everyone’s patience.”

A witness to the siege, Declan Cordwell, told the Portsmouth News: “We saw about 15 police officers, five ambulances, police with dogs and riot shields.