Korean Beauty Blogger Transforms Herself Into Taylor Swift

by : Tom Percival on : 24 Mar 2016 16:55

This south Korean beauty blogger may secretly be a wizard considering her ability to transform into pop star Taylor Swift.


According to the Daily Mail, Park Hye Min, better known as PONY Makeup, is well known for her insane make-up skills and custom looks, but her latest transformation into pop music sensation Taylor Swift is downright fascinating,.

Her metamorphosis has already been watched more than 509,341 times on YouTube since it was posted on March 21, while the finished Instagram post has garnered 87,000 likes from her ridiculously impressive 1.7 million fans.


Unfortunately, transforming yourself into one of the world biggest pop stars isn’t easy, and you’d need to be very patient to go through with it.

In the six minute video, Ms Min Park uses 24 different products on her face, slowly shaping it into Taylor Swift’s.
giphy (13)giphy (13)

It is both remarkable and weirdly transfixing to watch, as you slowly start to see Taylor’s famous eyes, nose and eyebrows emerging from the blogger’s face.
giphy (14)giphy (14)

The finished look also requires two sets of false eyelashes, several concealers and more foundation than Kim Kardashian photo shoot

Forget everything you know about make up videos, this is the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen one…

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