Kosovan Parliament Is Halted With Tear Gas, Again

Ruptly TV/YouTube

Tear gas and the Kosovan national parliament are starting to go together like Jose Mourinho and Chelsea, it’s not working but it shows no sign of stopping.

The extreme tactic was implemented earlier in October as arguing factions of the parliament disputed EU plans that would see Serbian regions granted greater power.

The latest gassing resulted from the same argument, with opposition MPs saying they have not been allowed the opportunity to debate the deal.

In the image below you can see what appears to be a man letting off one of the canisters.

Ruptly TV/YouTube

A spokesperson for the Vetevendosje party said:

“We had no other way.”

Guards within the chamber were ready for the latest attack, growing so accustomed to the use of gas that they came prepared with masks.

The room was evacuated and the session resumed in a smaller chamber, until those opposed to government plans went and let off another canister.

If they keep this up then bottled Canadian air will have just as many orders in Kosovo as it does Beijing.