Kylie Jenner Gets Bum Tattoo In Desperate New Snapchat Video


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Quit mourning the fact that Kylie Jenner is now apparently broke, as the younger member of the infectious Kardashian / Jenner sub-clan is now breaking the Internet after getting an ass tattoo. 

Posting onto Snapchat, the 18-year-old heir to the Jenner throne videoed herself as a tattoo artist scribbled some ink onto her rump – although nobody knows just what the tattoo doth say.

According to TMZ, one theory for Kylie’s tattoo is that she has simply updated her old one which read ‘sanity’. Now it is thought to read ‘before sanity’.

Now what the fuck comes prior to sanity? I guess she was before sanity before she got that nonsense carved into her skin.

However, there is another theory that the reality star, who lives a life light years away from reality, has gotten a tattoo of her on and off boyfriend’s name – Tyga.

Standard old name. If only he was called Brian. I’d love to see the name Brian eternally scorched on a Jenner’s bum with a sharp inky needle.


The speculation surrounding the Tyga tat comes following their lovely relationship reconciliation, which he celebrated by getting her name tattooed on his arm.

This latest Jenner expenditure comes after, just yesterday, the news broke that Kylie is apparently skint with only $2.5 million – or £1.9 million – left in the bank.

How hard her life must be…