Kylie Jenner Has A Very Weird Way Of Making Lasagne


I know lasagne is supposed to be saucy, but I don’t think this cooking story from Kylie Jenner could be less about the pasta.

The 19-year-old desperate exhibitionist stripped down to some beige underwear to cook herself a meal (I didn’t know they did that).

The selfie-obsessed make-up mogul basically just got her friend Jordy to take sexy photos of her and then wrote lasagne on it.

I’m not sure what the point of the white trackies is, but they are the only thing stopping this from just being a lingerie shoot.

Kylie cuddled up to her best friend Jordyn Woods, saying ‘me and Jordy are making lasagne’.


To be honest, I’m questioning whether there even was a lasagne!

Think about it, when do you actually see the lasagne? There’s just a baking tray with foil over it.

I’m saying it…I think the lasagne is just a publicity stunt and Kylie would never cook her own food.