Lad Proposes To Girlfriend Through This Video Game He Made


There are many ways to propose to your beloved. Down on one knee, ring in a champagne glass or bonding over a mutual appreciation of obscure internet porn are all common methods. One amateur game developer however, decided on something a little more unique.

Uploaded to imgur, our romantic hero Austin explained that he and his girlfriend, Lauren, were in their mid-twenties, had been dating for a couple of years and were madly in love. Deciding that she was the one, he painstakingly put together a personalised video game with a very happy ending.

Each level represented a significant moment in their relationship, from their first meeting through to the proposal.

imgur/ LAPike
imgur/ LAPike

Austin even filmed Lauren playing the game, and had the ring hiding behind the laptop the entire time.

This guy deserves a ‘yes’ purely for the huge effort he must have gone to to put the game together. Congratulations guys! You deserve each other.