Landlord Pleads Guilty To Having Sex In His Tenant’s Bed


A Colorado landlord has pleaded guilty to felony trespassing after he was caught on camera having sex in his tenants’ bed.

Carlos Quijada-Lara was unaware the couple, who were paying $1,100 to rent Quijada-Lara’s Colorado Springs flat, had set up a motion sensor camera in their bedroom, when he invited his male partner around for an NSFW rendez-vous.

After engaging in oral and anal sex on the couple’s bed for six minutes, the 39-year-old’s partner proceeded to wipe his penis on Mikaela DiGiulio’s wedding dress.

Colorado Springs Police

Mikaela’s husband, Logan Pierce, discovered the crime, which occurred last November in their rented home, when a phone app linked to the camera sent him an alert at work, reported KKTV.

At the time, Lt. Howard Black with the Colorado Springs Police Department said:

Landlords don’t have the ability to go into tenant apartments and do whatever they want to do.

Mydrim Jones/Facebook

The maximum sentence for first degree felony trespassing in Colorado is four years imprisonment and $100,000.

Quijada-Lara will be sentenced on September 22.