Largest Ever Collection Of Illegal Weapons Found In UK Man’s Hidden Room


It looks like a scene from Scarface or Pulp Fiction, but this insane haul of illegal weapons was actually discovered right here in the UK in the hidden room of a man’s house.

With more than 400 firearms, including assault rifles and machine guns, you’d think this was the home of some kind of drug dealing crime lord, but the ridiculous cache of weapons was actually found in the Suffolk home of former parish council chairman James Arnold.

The 49-year-old Arnold died of cancer last year but Norwich arms dealer Anthony Buckland, 65, is currently standing trial on charges of selling prohibited weapons and fraud by false representation.

The collection of guns has been described as the “biggest stash of weapons this country had ever experienced” by prosecutor Andrew Oliver.

Simon Finlay/PA

Anthony Buckland

The weapons were discovered by police in a secret room accessed through a door in Arnold’s kitchen.

Buckland, appearing at Norwich Crown Court, claims he legally supplied Arnold with guns and ammunition over the course of 25 years, denying any involvement in supplying the illegal weapons.

Buckland denies a total of 20 counts, some of which relate to Arnold and some of which relate to other customers.

The trial continues.