Latest Bad Lip Reading Fires Hilarious Shots At Trump And Clinton

by : UNILAD on : 07 Oct 2016 10:45


As the carnival of shit slinging that is the U.S Presidential campaign rolls on it’s more important than ever that we manage to find humour in it…


Thanks to the guys at Bad Lip Reading, we’ve been given a refreshing look at Hillary and Donald’s head-to-head.

Somehow, the majority of a certain candidate’s dubbed comments actually manage to make marginally more sense than the actual nonsense being spouted at the time, not mentioning any names of course.

To be fair though, both of them came in for a pretty good roasting with stand out moments being when Trump performs his ‘favourite baby bird sound’ backed up by claims he will never visit ‘the country of Africa’.


On the other hand Hillary’s best soundbite comes when she is asked to ‘stick up for her friend in fourth grade’…

It’s a good job the Bad Lip Reading crew are putting these out because everyone could do with a comic distraction when you’re facing this vote.

A certain episode of South Park springs to mind…

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