Latest Cersei Lannister Theory Changes Absolutely Everything


Warning, this article could contain spoilers, read at your peril.


Assuming you’ve watched the latest episode of Game Of Thrones, you’ll be fully aware Cersei Lannister is currently ‘with child’.

And the father of that child? Oh yeah, it’s only her twin brother, Jaime.

But there is a theory out there that’s come to light regarding a child Cersei gave birth to years before.

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Cersei had a child that died, before she had Joffrey, which she revealed back in season one, and since then, people have believed her first child died, but this exciting new theory suggests that’s not actually the case after all.

Fan site, Winter Is Coming, has a whole article dedicated to this theory, and more importantly, they think they may have sussed who her child is…

So, what if the child was actually taken away, living in poor conditions and left to survive in his own boat? Yep, that’s what’s being suggested, her child could possibly be Gendry.


So this is what has been said so far…

When Cersei was talking about this child in season one, she describes it as looking similar to Robert, and Gendry has repeatedly been told the same thing – by both Ned Stark and Jon Snow.

Cersei also confessed she never visited the baby’s crypt, and rarely mentions the child – while this could just be because it’s too painful, the article believes there could be another reason.

The queen’s other children were fathered by her twin brother Jaime, and apparently this could be a purposeful decision because she didn’t want to face having children for another man.


It has also been highlighted, Gendry’s blacksmith apprenticeship with Tobho Mott came at a cost, which was paid double by an ‘unknown person of noble status’.

The theory suggests it would make sense for Cersei to pay this price, so she can keep him close to her.

Also, when Joffrey decided to kill all of Robert Baratheon’s bastard children, Gendry was conveniently sent away from King’s Landing, escaping the slaughter – could this have been because of an intervention by Cersei?


This just gets more exciting all the time!