Latest Hitler Conspiracy Theory Might Hold Key To Why He Was Such A C*nt


New birth records from Adolf Hitler’s hometown reveal that he had a younger sibling, which may have played a bigger part in his rise to power in Germany in the 1930’s than ever before imagined. 

According to findings by historian Florian Kotanko, records from Braunau am Inn showed Hitler was not the fourth of sixth siblings as previously thought and was in fact the third, Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten reports.


According to the Business Insider, it is thought Hitler actually had another younger brother who was born three years after him on June 17, 1892. However, the boy is said to have died just six days later of hydrocephalus, a brain swelling condition.

Kotanko went on to suggest that this may have affected the future leader of Nazi Germany and his fascist views.


He said:

The conclusions of many Hitler biographers about the mental development of Adolf Hitler, who allegedly received special attention from his mother Klara as the only surviving child after the deaths of three siblings, are no longer tenable. How was the three-year-old Adolf Hitler confronted with the birth and death of a brother? Was Hitler aware of his brother’s condition and how might it have affected him?

Just a couple of days back, crazy new claims suggested that Hitler actually survived the war, fled Germany and found refuge in the northern Indian province of Kashmir.

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Regardless of whether he was affected by his brother’s death or not, it’s no excuse for the genocide of six million people. End of.