Lawbreakers: An Insane Arena FPS From Former Gears Of War Dev


Cliff Bleszinski led production on all three original Gears of War games. His newest game Lawbreakers, looks to be a very different beast to the world of lancers and locusts, though.

Lawbreakers is in fact the first new game from the Gears mastermind’s new studio Boss Key Productions, and it looks to combine the chaos of arena shooters with the tactics of a character-class team shooter. Ambitious, no?


This new effort takes place in the future – because there just aren’t enough FPS games set in the future. Still, it doesn’t look content to offer up your standard shooter fare, instead choosing to fuck with gravity and chuck in all manner of special powers for you to play with.

There are two sides: the Law and the Breakers (mind blown). You’ll have five on each side, and there are currently four classes to choose from (though more are in development).


At the moment we have the Titan, who as you might expect can soak up bullets and dabbles in rockets and electricity. Then there’s the Enforcer, who seems to be your standard all rounder.

Rounding up the pack are the nimble, chaingun wielding Vanguard, and the Assassin, who can zip across the level on a grappling hook, getting in close with shotguns and swords.

You can see the game in action (courtesy of GhostRobo) just below:

Lawbreakers is currently slated for a PC release this Summer.