LazyTown Actor Stefan Karl Stefansson Makes Miracle Recovery From Cancer


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LazyTown actor, Stefan Karl Stefansson has made a miracle recovery from cancer, after it was reported he was in the ‘final stages’ of the disease just a few months ago.


Stefansson, who is well-known for playing character Robbie Rotten on the popular children’s TV show, told RUV he is free from liver cancer at the moment after undergoing two surgeries.

The actor was diagnosed with bile-duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) in 2016, which advanced to stage four.


All done with chemo for now. ? #allover #happy #happyplantdad

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But the surgery and chemotherapy treatment has worked and he told the press he was rid of the cancer.

He said:

The damn disease is gone. Until it comes back, whenever that will be, which will hopefully be never. Life is now. It’s almost a miracle that I’m still here.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the support you provide me. You give me hope and you all move me.

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Stefansson is in the process of writing a stand-up comedy routine about cancer with comedian Ari Eldjarn.

He said it’s important to be able to laugh at the illness, and while laughter doesn’t necessarily prolong your life, it can make it easier, according to Heavy.


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