Leader Of Anti-Islam Movement Can’t Explain Why Radical Islam Is A Threat

by : UNILAD on : 05 Dec 2015 11:27

In a time where Isis are committing atrocities across the world, everyone should be uniting together to defeat them… 


Instead, we seem to be getting anti-Islam groups just popping up here there and everywhere.

Normally consisting of bigoted middle-aged blokes jumping on the hatred bandwagon, condemning a whole religion for the actions of extremists who don’t even practice the teachings of the Qu’ran. Genius.

Michael Meacher

With the likes of Britain First who hold rallies with more police surrounding them than actual members (says it all really), oh and they preach ‘Christian’ values… right. But don’t worry, there’s now a new anti-Islam group to mock… introducing Tim Scott of Pegida UK.


Pegida UK or’ Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident’ are headed up by Scott – a former soldier – along with ‘all-round nice guy’ Tommy Robinson- the former English Defence League leader.

Anthony Devlin/PA

But it’s different this time guys, apparently they’re not against Muslims… though their name kind of says otherwise. Awkward.

Scott – an ex soldier deployed in Afghanistan and a fighter against Isis with Kurdish forces – was interviewed by journalist Alex Thomson and it was a bit cringe.

He struggled to explain exactly what threats radical Islam poses to the UK and it was pretty much what you’d expect- a lot of fear-mongering, but not much reason.

Channel 4/YouTube

He only revealed his surname to his Channel 4 interviewer moments before they began (bizarre) and unsurprisingly it kind of descended into a shambles.

Speaking in the interview screened last night, Scott struggled to elaborate on what he branded the “big truth” in regards to radical Islam here in the UK.


When he was asked what this “truth” was, he mentioned grooming and youth radicalisation, but couldn’t really advance these points much further than that.

Jacquelyn Marti/AP

Thomson pointed out the obvious that he’d only mentioned two things so far, not exactly the “big truth” we were all so hoping for. So he just decided to claim that he fears the UK could in some way become like Iraq. Obviously…

When his interviewer said it was a pretty outrageous claim, Scott simply said: “This is exactly it. The thought processes of people, that people think ‘oh yeah that’s just how it is. Do we wait until it gets that bad? No, it’s best to prevent what’s going on.”


UK Pegida will campaign to ban all Muslim immigration into the UK for five years, stop new mosques being built, and ban the funding of mosques abroad. Don’t think that’ll help somehow?

Following the interview, Thomson wrote that his exchange with Scott was a “car crash” and that he was “plainly unaccustomed to any scrutiny as to what the threat of radical Islam might be”.

Hopefully no-one takes their shit seriously, this is not the time for hate.

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