Leaked Star Wars’ Set Photos Show Very Intriguing Scenes


The latest batch of leaked photos from the fans/spies on the Star Wars Episode VIII set have revealed a Star Wars unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Various leaked photos have been hitting the internet for weeks, but these reveal something a little more unusual than the rest.

Seemingly, the new Star Wars will be something more out of Titanic than the usual dirt and dust covered scenes we’ve seen in the previous films, with aliens dressed in formal attire aboard a mega yacht, aptly named the ‘Sea Star’.

I think we can all agree that this is not like anything we’ve seen in a Star Wars film before. Meaning, either director Rian Johnson is exploring some very new, very controversial ideas for the franchise, or, Disney is going above and beyond to fool people.

And the latter wouldn’t be completely unlikely – they’re currently spending £3 million on drones to protect their set from spoilers and spy cameras, The Independent reports.

They’ve also employed 600 guards and round-the-clock security, according to fan site Mos Croatia.

And considering none of the leaked photos show any of the main cast, we think that putting the yacht and tuxedo-clad aliens there to fool everyone is probably the more likely option.

Let’s hope it is, anyway.