Leaked WhatsApp Message Shows What Boris Johnson Really Thinks Of Theresa May


A leaked WhatsApp message has shown exactly what Boris Johnson thinks of Conservative leader Theresa May.

Despite Mrs May losing the Conservative majority, Boris has praised the PM as a ‘woman of extraordinary qualities’ and said that ministers need to ‘calm down’.

In the messages, which were obtained by ITV, he claimed that the public are ‘fed up to the back teeth of politics and politicians and they certainly DO NOT want another election’.

He added that he has no intention of mounting a leadership challenge against the PM, instead saying ministers need to get behind her, pointing out she won a bigger vote share than ‘anyone since Margaret Thatcher’

Boris Johnson also took the time to attack Jeremy Corbyn who surprised everyone by managing to increase Labour’s seats in the Commons by 29.


He said: 

We have got to stop the narrative that Corbyn somehow won this thing – he barely did better than Gordon useless Brown when we beat [him] in 2010.

Mr Johnson’s defence of Mrs May comes as something of a surprise as there had been whispers and rumours that he was the logical candidate to succeed her as PM should she step down.


It’s also been reported that five Cabinet ministers urged Mr Johnson to revolt against Mrs May’s leadership and oust her as PM.

Maybe Boris has learned his lesson from last year’s Brexit fall out?