Leaving Fallout 4’s Vault In Third Person Is Hilarious


Who could possibly forget the chilling opening of Fallout 4? The game opens just as the bombs begin to fall, with your family making it to shelter just in time.

You’re put into stasis, deep underground in a Vault, only to awake in time to see your significant other shot – your baby snatched from their cold, dead hands.

When you’re finally free from your Vault, you emerge bleary eyed into the bright, nuclear ravaged land – there’s revenge on your mind and murder in your heart.

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

As videogame openings go, it’s pretty fucking good. It’s not quite up there with The Last Of Us – but then, what is?

This iconic moment is encapsulated in first person, and somehow, I don’t think Bethesda quite intended for it to look like this in the third person…

Less majestic, and more derp… This hilarious piece of work comes from Reddit’s kidaXV (who claims not to be a synth).

Obviously, the opening of Fallout 4 has now been ruined forever. What has been seen, cannot be unseen.