Lebanese Army Recapture Land From ISIS And Raise Spanish Flag For Barcelona Victims

by : UNILAD on : 23 Aug 2017 12:04

The Lebanese army say they’ve recaptured an area of land from the so-called Islamic State, flying the Spanish flag in honour of victims killed in last week’s attack in Barcelona.


Fourteen people were killed along with one other in the town of Cambrils – approximately an hour and 30 minutes away – when attackers used vehicles to drive into pedestrians.

The terror group claimed responsibility in the aftermath of the attack, although it’s still unclear how much involvement the perpetrators had with the militant group.

According to The Independent, just two days after the attack, the Lebanese army launched an offensive near the town of Ras Baalbeck in north-east Lebanon and captured a third of an area that has been held by IS since 2014.


Six hundred militants are believed to still be present in the notorious mountainous area – just 20 were killed and 10 injured in the most recent battle.

On the Lebanese army website and their Twitter account, an image was posted showing troops waving both the Lebanese and Spanish flag, captioned:

A salute from our troops fighting Isis in the mountains of Ras Baalbek to the victims of Spain and the whole world.

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The Jihadist organisation claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack within hours of the van ramming into crowds of people on the in famous street, Las Ramblas.

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    Lebanese army recaptures land from Isis and raises Spanish flag in honour of Barcelona attack victims

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