LeBron James Destroyed Steph Curry During Cavs Ring Ceremony


Steph Curry’s pregame dance is a national phenomena. Something which simply needs to be seen to be understood. Like a total eclipse of the sun or the Northern Lights. It’s magical. 

However LeBron James would argue otherwise – and has managed to tell Steph to ‘fuck off’ in the most beautiful way ever. By taking the royal piss out of his weird dance, reports LB Sports.

Here’s the original:

And here’s the pisstake:


Although the NBA season is only just beginning, LeBron is taking no prisoners at all with his recent antics at the Cavaliers ring ceremony.

The story goes that after LeBron got given his ring he shuffled his way off into the distance – weirdly similar to the jiggle Curry likes to do.

And Twitter users were quick to take note:

Was it a mockery or was it just a coincidence? I guess we’ll never truly know.