LeBron James Goes Undercover As Pizza Restaurant Employee

lebron pizza FBYouTube/Blaze Pizza

LeBron James recently took some time out from his busy schedule playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers to go undercover in a very different job as standout new fast-food pizza employee Ron.

The basketball star surprised customers at a Pasadena, California, location of Blaze Pizza last month, for a promotional video released this weekend, helping them choose their sauces and chatting away with them.

Now, let’s be honest, if a 6’6″ sports legend wandered into our local pizza joint, we’d probably have more than a few questions but, shockingly, a heck of a lot of people actually appeared to be fooled by the ruse.

Even so, his appearance definitely drew some inquisitive glances from the various patrons who knew they recognised the big man from somewhere, but couldn’t quite place him.

As in an character James puts it: “It’s the first day on the job. I’m learning, I’m shadowing—really tall shadow.”

One customer even tells him he looks like Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade, James’s friend and former teammate, to which a chuckling James responds: “I get that a lot. I’ve heard of that guy, too.”

Perhaps the best moment though comes when James asks an avid basketball fan customer ‘what’s basketball?’

We wonder if ‘Ron’ will be popping up in other Blaze Pizza joints around the U.S. soon? We guess, everyone should keep their eyes peeled for a suspiciously tall fast food employee in the future!