Lee Nelson Explains How He Managed To Crash Kanye’s Glasto Set

by : UNILAD on : 25 Jul 2015 10:31
Glastonbury Festival, Britain - 27 Jun 2015Glastonbury Festival, Britain - 27 Jun 2015Jonathan Hordle/REX Shutterstock

I don’t think we have to remind you about the moment Lee Nelson crashed Kanye West’s infamous Glastonbury set last month, so, I won’t.


In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Lee, real name Simon Brodkin, explained exactly how he managed to get past security and break onto the iconic Pyramid Stage during the set that was being watched by millions.

Nelson, who in similar fashion crashed a recent FIFA conference run by unpopular president Sepp Blatter, said: “It’s never easy. One time I just got ushered away by this woman who thought I was in the wrong place. But I kept at it.”


Using a microphone (that he bought from Argos of all places) to blend in, the comedian managed to casually stroll into the hospitality area: “I went in to the toilets, psyched myself up, got my game face on and went for it.”


“A guy said, ‘Where’s your ID?’ I said, ‘I’m meant to be on stage mate.’ He went, ‘Oh, sorry.’ I went up and there was the same woman who’d ushered me away moments earlier, but because I’d got through to this point and I was bouncing and had the mic she let me go on.”

The rest was history. History which included Nelson being carried off stage by security, but at this point, his work was done. He’d managed to create more of a talking point than Ye’s actual set…


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