Lee Rigby Killer’s Attempt To Sue Prison Service Is Finally Over

Adebolajo sues prisonPA Images

The man who murdered British soldier Lee Rigby has lost his legal battle with prison services after he attempted to sue prison services over his treatment while in jail.

Michael Adebolajo lost two teeth when officers restrained him after he went ‘beserk,’ The Sun reports, and he was attempting to sue the prison for £20,000.

Unfortunately for Adebolajo, no lawyers would represent his case because they didn’t want to be linked to the killer and felt that working with him would be like taking blood money.

Drummer Lee Rigby murderPA Images

Adebolajo was sentenced to life in prison in 2014, along with Michael Adebowale, for the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby.

The guards who restrained Adebolajo were both suspended for their actions but an investigation cleared them of any wrongdoing.

Old BaileyPA Images

After the investigation into the officers, the Crown Prosecution Service concluded that there was insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction.

Not that I sympathise with Adebolajo, but the fact that he couldn’t get legal representation leaves a sour taste in my mouth as everyone has the right to counsel regardless of their crimes.