Legendary Artist Uses Virtual Reality To Make Incredible 3D Drawings


The world of VR is on our doorstep, and the man behind some of Disney’s most iconic cartoons has shown how it can be used to inspire the next generation of artists.

Glen Keane is the hand behind basically every ’90s kids favourite Disney characters, having given life to Ariel, Tarzan, Aladdin and The Beast among others.

Uploaded to YouTube by channel Future of Story Telling, the clip is actually thanks to Editor, Director and Vimeo user Ashley Rodholm, and gave Keane the chance to recreate some of his drawings in glorious 3D. As he draws life-sized versions of Ariel and The Beast, he admits he would often be frustrated about not being able to fully realise his vision on paper.

It’s encouraging to see artists embracing the possibilities of VR, and it’d be amazing to see technology like this take animation to the next level in the near future.