Liam Gallagher Goes In On Brother Noel For Not Turning Up To One Love Concert

by : George Pavlou on : 05 Jun 2017 09:00

The One Love Manchester concert yesterday was something that will go down in musical history as a truly iconic night.


Stars from all over the musical spectrum came together in a show of defiance that no matter what atrocities cowardly terrorists attempt to disrupt our lives, nothing will get in the way of love.

While Ariana Grande confirmed the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Pharrell and Coldplay early into organising the concert for the Manchester victims, she had a huge surprise up her sleeve.


While rumours had circulated Oasis were going to reform for a one-off special performance for Manchester, it turned out only Liam Gallagher decided to turn up.


If you missed it, he put in a hell of a performance that really lit up the whole event.

Afterwards, Liam had a very special message to everyone who watched the One Love gig…

The Oasis reunion never happened but he played Live Forever for the masses anyway before following it up with his new single Wall of Glass.

After the gig however, he couldn’t resist taking a pop at his brother Noel for not turning up…

We’re still waiting for a response from Noel but it appears Liam’s efforts to get back from a gig in Germany to play the special event really went down well with fans.


As if an Oasis reunion wasn’t further off because of their feud, you can’t imagine these tweets are going to do anything to help the matter.

Regardless, what a f*cking gig it was.

And if you want to help donate the the One Love fund, you can text ‘LOVE’ to 70507 to give £5 or donate online via the British Red Cross page.

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