Life Hacks So You Can Chill In 2016

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It’s the end of the year and 2016 is just round the corner, we here at UNILAD hope that you’ve had a good one. However no matter how good this year has been, why don’t you try to make next year even better for yourself by trying out some of these simple and brilliant life hacks?

If you’re wondering what life hacks are they’re simple solutions to everyday problems that you didn’t even know you had. Sometimes they’re big, other times they’re small things that can just brighten your day or make life that tiny bit easier. We’re not saying they’ll change your life, but they’ll definitely help.

When introducing two people to each other, make a point of using both of their names a few times in the ensuing conversation.

Drop a battery to see if it’s charged or not. It seriously works.


No money for a proper iPod speaker? Well don’t you worry with a bit of ingenuity and a cardboard tube you can make yourself a DIY version.


Don’t you hate it when your phone charger starts to fray and break? Well use the spring from a small pen to keep the wire from bending.


Fit two Bowls in the microwave at the same time!


How to properly tie your shoes when you go out jogging.

If you want a cold drink but your bottle or cans too warm, wrap it in a wet paper towel then put that in the fridge, it’ll cool quicker.


If you have to hang something up by the exact holes, photocopy the back and use that as a template.

Use bull clips to organise your freezer and stop the frozen peas avalanche.


Rather than scribble things out you don’t want other people to read, write other notes on top to make it completely incomprehensible.


Finished a jar of Nutella? Why not have one more treat before you throw it away by adding ice cream.


Keep your pot lids organised.

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Stop your bottles falling all over the floor when you open the fridge.

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Or open the most annoying packaging in the world!

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We hope our tips brighten up your new year! Have a good one.