Life-Sized Sculptures On Top Of High Rise Buildings Cause Panic


Art is meant to provoke, but Sir Antony Gormley’s latest project in Hong Kong may have gone a little bit too far, after the sculptures atop high rise buildings caused panic when passers-by mistook them for people contemplating suicide.

Gormley is known for his sculptures of people and his new idea features figures affixed to rooftops in the Chinese city, as well as on ground level.


However, the project caused alarm among residents who thought the figures were real people considering jumping off the skyscrapers – and, to be honest, looking at the images for ourselves, we can definitely see why people became concerned!

Apparently the police were called on three separate occasions on Friday about the figures, according to media reports in the city.


The South China Morning Post, claims one worried onlooker on social media described the situation as “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

The ‘Event Horizon’ multi-installation project – which has also been presented around London and New York, before coming to Hong Kong – is the work of British sculptor Sir Antony Gormley, perhaps best known for creating the ‘Angel of the North’ in Gateshead and ‘Another Place’ on Crosby Beach near Liverpool.

Perhaps the big man needs to advertise his projects better around the city in future, so people don’t become confused!