Lightning Quick Shark Somersaults Out Of Water Like A Scene From Sharknado


Sharks possess an array of skills that make them apex predators in the ocean – but their gymnastic ability in the air has clearly been overlooked.

Filming on a fishing boat off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, 19-year-old Jake Beazley captured the moment a circling mako shark displayed its athletic prowess.

As reported by Mashable, the lightning fast and aggressive mako was poaching Jake and his mates’ fishing efforts, apparently stealing at least one catch straight off their line.

Mako Shark out from Point PerronMako Shark come up to the boat in 35m of water and put a little bit of a show on. Only captured 1 of the 3 jumps it did before disappearing. Watch in HD.

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Posted by Jake Beazley on Saturday, July 2, 2016

Well, that is impressive and terrifying all at the same time.

The commentary is also majestic – ‘Holy shit he’s fucking on the motor man, dude he was just fucking biting the prop.’

KzSU1JD - Imgur

Jake is reported as saying:

It was around lunchtime when I had myself a good fish on the end of the line.

My friend and my lines started getting twisted and after we untangled them, a shark swum up and took my fish.

Obviously, sharks are preparing for the day Sharknado actually happens, and are displaying their aerial ability as a threat.


In all seriousness though, sharks are generally unfairly persecuted and it is widely said you are more likely to die in bed, or even taking a selfie.

I would say, however, that I do use my bed daily and take selfies far more often than I swim with sharks, but the point stands – they aren’t all mindless killers waiting for you to dip a toe in the water.