Lightning Striking Statue Of Liberty Is Perfect Metaphor For America Right Now

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Jul 2020 11:17
Lightning Striking Statue Of Liberty Is Perfect Metaphor For America Right Now@_Mikey_Cee/Twitter

The Statue of Liberty has held her torch aloft since 1886, watching over New York Harbor as the city and country shifts and changes with the decades.

A symbol of freedom and hope for the future, Lady Liberty has traditionally held significant, poignant meaning for immigrants arriving by sea; representing the dream of a better life awaiting them onshore.


Indeed, as the embodiment of the American Dream, the destruction of the statue has repeatedly been used in Hollywood movies as shorthand for the breakdown of society itself.

You can watch new footage of the statue being hit by lightning here:


In Cloverfield (2008), we see her colossal head lying in the streets of New York, chaos unfolding all around. In The Day After Tomorrow (2004), her features are frozen over and icicles forming on her crown.


Now, as the country encounters very real horrors, striking footage and images have emerged of the Statue of Liberty being struck by a ferocious bolt of lightning.

For many people, this is the perfect metaphor for America right now, with the values embodied by Lady Liberty feeling rather a long way away.

Lady LibertyWikimedia Commons

Coronavirus cases in the US continue to rise at an alarming rate, in the midst of deep-rooted civil unrest and growing economic despair.


The country is represented on the world stage by a man who has used division, fear and hatred as political tactics, a man who does not think twice about misleading his citizens with doctored images or misleading propaganda.

The Statue of Liberty represents the absolute ideal of America, a land of freedom and boundless opportunity where those from any class or background can climb upwards and create better lives for themselves and their children.

Many a novelist, artist and filmmaker have critiqued this ideal over the years, but there are few more striking or on-the-nose images than those of this startlingly pointed bolt of lightning.

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Mikey Cee/Twitter
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