Lily Allen Speaks Out About Her 7-Year Ordeal With A Stalker

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For the first time, Lily Allen has spoken out about her terrifying 7-year ordeal with a stalker who at one point even broke into her bedroom while she was asleep. 

When stalker, Alex Gray, was finally convicted this month – Allen spoke out, saying that she was inundated with letters, suicide threats, abusive rants, and accusations from him since 2009.

Using the handle @lilyallenRIP, Gray originally got in touch claiming to have written her song, The Fear, according to the Huffington Post.

She also claims that the stalker carried a photograph of Lily with him at all times, and looked a lot ‘like Phil Mitchell’.


However, unfortunately, the weird just gets weirder, as Lily announced that last October, an intruder, who she believes was Gray, broke into her house, carrying a large knife.

A friend of the singers was able to get rid of the man, but not before he had snatched her handbag and set it alight on the bonnet of her car.

In the aftermath of the ordeal, Allen voiced her concern over the British police, stating:

I felt very alone. I have some trust issues now, not least with the police. Who can you trust if you cannot trust institutions like the police?

The police made me feel like a nuisance, rather than a victim.

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Apparently there are about 700,000 victims of stalking in England and Wales every year.

Lily Allen has since added her name to a long list of people campaigning for a register of stalkers to be kept, similar to that for sex offenders.