Lily Allen Took A ‘Fuck Kanye’ Flag From A Reveller Then Burned It



Plenty of people don’t like Kanye West, and this was made pretty evident in a number of ways at the recent Glastonbury Festival. Lily Allen, however, is not one of those people..

Lily, who is also known as Sheezus, was at Glasto, and amongst the thousands of flags that were blocking everyone’s view, somebody had made a ‘Fuck Kanye’ flag, and was flying it loudly and proudly near their tent.

So in true Lily Allen style, she took it down and burnt it, then posted the escapade on her Instagram account…

Lily burnt the flag until it just read ‘Kanye’, and even threw some of his music over the videos.

Now, I can KIND OF see where she is coming from. If you dislike an artist, don’t watch them – there’s no need to be so bloody rude about it. But stealing and burning a shitty flag, is as bad a protest as the flag itself, really.

Where will it end?

Will Des Lynam post a Vine of him whistling the Match Of The Day theme tune while burning this?


I hope so.