Lindsay Lohan Says She Will Run For President In 2020


So it turns out Lindsay Lohan has her eyes set on a move into the world of politics, and not small-time local elections for the parish council, the actress wants to be president of the United States.

The Mean Girls star took to her instagram account to announce the news and followed it by seemingly comparing herself to Mahatma Gandhi.

The news comes shortly after Kanye West announced his intention to run for office in the future, and Lohan even gave a nod to the Yeezus rapper in her own announcement.

Now that may have sounded a joke but the posts continued, any sense of irony eroding further away with each one. Barack Obama has supposedly ‘inspired’ Lindsay to believe that it is possible. I mean, I know he isn’t popular with everyone but he’s not that bad surely? Lohan then posted again with the first outlined details of her manifesto.

Well helping all the suffering children in the world is more positive than Donald Trump’s likely first act were he to become Commander-in-chief.

And there is even a polite nod to our own Elizabeth the second. Lindsay’s stock is rising.

?? #ghandi #unitingWORLDnations #2020

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And with that bold comparison the stock quickly plummets.

Lets just compare Gahndi’s and Lohan’s rap sheets. Gandhi was sentenced to six years imprisonment, serving two, for sedition. Whereas Lindsay has done several stints in jail for a combination of drug and alcohol offenses.

The similarities are uncanny, but I think Gandhi might just shade Lindsay with his efforts.

Watch this space I guess.