Lindsay Lohan To Switch English Town’s Christmas Lights On After Twitter Row


Kettering looks set to have secured a celebrity name to turn on their Christmas lights well ahead of schedule.

All the Northamptonshire town had to do was be insulted – cue Lindsay Lohan.

As reported by the BBC, during the EU referendum vote last week Lohan got political, but also slated the town by suggesting she had no clue where it was.


Conservative MP for the town Philip Hollobone -who supported Leave while Lohan backed Remain- invited her to come to the town, adding it could redeem her political reputation.

Lohan very publicly accepted…

Hollobone has said in repsonse to the tweet:

Let’s hope she means it. If she wants to come to Kettering and turn the lights on she would be made very welcome.


So Kettering may have something to celebrate other than being the home of Weetabix – onward and upwards!