Links To ISIS Found As More Details Emerge Surrounding Axe Attack


Yesterday evening, at 21:15 German time, a solo attacker began a brutal axe rampage on a train in southern Germany – before fleeing and being shot dead by police. 

During the attack, three people from Hong Kong were seriously injured and one other was injured, while others were treated for shock – describing the brutality of the rampage to resembling a ‘slaughterhouse’ and ‘battlefield’.

Although the attacker has not been named, he has been identified as a 17-year-old Afghan migrant, who fled the country and was given refuge by Germany due to being an unaccompanied minor, reports the BBC.

However, in the months that followed in his new found home, it is thought that he became radicalised by the so called Islamic State’s ideology – even going so far as to paint an Islamic State flag in his bedroom.

isis facePA

There are also reports that the teenager shouted Alluh Akhbar (God is Great) during the axe attack – leading many to claim that this will be a ‘tragedy’ for the migrant crisis in Western Europe.

Political analyst, Marcel Dirsus, told the BBC:

This is a tragedy, but it is really a tragedy beyond the people who are directly affected, because this is a very contentious issue in Germany, the way we are dealing with refugees.

And in a society that is already polarised over the issue, this is bound to exacerbate anger and division.

Police are currently investigating the motive behind the attack, which has come just days after the horrendous events in Nice last week.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by this horrific attack.