Lion Attacks And Kills Circus Worker At Live Show In Brutal Video


A terrifying video has emerged showing shocking footage of a lion, savaging its tamer during a circus in Egypt.

The lion tamer, Islam Shaheen, was trying to get one of the lions to perform for a crowd of eager onlookers, when the second lion pounced, RT reports.


The dreadful moment the lion flipped and went for his trainer was caught on camera as the crowd looked on in horror.


Sadly, Shaheen died two days after the attack, as a result of his injuries sustained.

The 35-year-old had worked in the circus for 10 years before he was brutally killed by the 200kg South African lion, who was apparently, a new addition to the show.
The harrowing incident took place in Alexandria Egypt and was witnessed by 200 people.

The circus spokesman, Mohammed Mustafa, said the lion was in mating season, causing him to behave ‘erratically.’

An awful situation. Thoughts are with everyone involved.