Lions Jump Into The Arms Of Woman Who Rescued Them As Babies

MALKIA PARK Big Cats Rescue/Youtube

Two lions gave a woman the biggest, warmest greeting when she came to visit them years after she’d rescued them as little cubs.

No matter how many of these videos I see, I’ll never tire of seeing big cats giving cuddles, ever.

The lions, Malkia and Adelle are going to be living in new home in Malkia Park Big Cats Rescue sanctuary in Slovakia, and they received a special visit from their ‘godmother’.

In the video the lions can be seen running towards the gate when they spot the woman who’d apparently hand-reared them as cubs.

As they get to the gate, they jump on their hind legs and give her a big old cuddle.

The lions will be in good company at Malkia Park Rescue Station, which opened last year. Their neighbours will include tigers, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, a snow leopard – as well as gibbons, malpas and lemurs, parrots, surikats or turtles.

Get me to this place immediately!