Lisbeth Salander Causes Trouble In ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ Fight Scenes

girl in the spider's webSony

Master hacker and kick-ass private investigator Lisbeth Salander is back on our screens this year in the upcoming thriller The Girl In The Spider’s Web.

This time British actress Claire Foy, best known for playing Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s The Crown, is stepping into Salander’s famous biker boots in a role like no other she has taken on before.

Salander exacts vengeance against men who have hurt women in the film based on the newest addition to the late Swedish writer Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series by David Lagercrantz.

girl in the spider's webSony

As Salander once again reunites with journalist Mikael Blomkvist (this time played by Sverrir Gudnason), the pair find themselves caught in a web of corrupt government officials, spies and cybercriminals after the former is hired to steal a computer program which can access nuclear codes.

When Salander’s laptop is stolen by Russian thugs and a maths expert who knows how the program works is kidnapped, it is a race against time to avoid disaster.

You can watch a trailer for the film here:

UNILAD was given access to two exclusive clips which gave us an insight into the action-packed and gritty drama fans can expect from the film.

In the first, Salander fights to protect Stephen Merchant, who plays former NSA employee Frans Balder, the creator of the computer program named FireWall, when the safe house he’s in comes under attack.

During the fight Salander is drugged by the intruder leaving us wondering whether he succeeded in his mission…

Check it out here:

The second clip sees Salander covered in white face paint capturing a man in rope who has been physically abusive to his wife.

Telling the woman ‘take your child and leave, he won’t hurt you again’, Salander then informs the husband she is transferring his cash to his wife.

Tasering the tied up man, Salander warns him what will happen if he tries to contact his wife again or if ‘anything unexpected’ occurs.

He is left screaming the question ‘who are you’:

In an interview with ScreenRant earlier this month, actor Foy said she was drawn to the film after hearing about director Fede Alvarez’ vision for the famous character.

She explained:

I think it was the way Fede [Alvarez] wanted to shoot it. I think putting her at the heart of the story and focusing on the relationship that she has with her sister, which I found really fascinating. And Fede is a very intelligent person.

He wanted to deal with the psychology of Lisbeth in a sense that she was running from something that she couldn’t outrun, I suppose in that way, and that was her past and her subconscious telling… driving her towards an ultimate end that she couldn’t avoid.

But yeah, it was Fede’s idea for it really that was, I kind of went, ‘yeah, that’s brilliant’.

girl in the spider's webSony

Sylvia Hoeks joins the cast playing Salander’s mysterious and estranged twin sister Camilla who looks set to be a major antagonist in the film.

The Girl In The Spider’s Web hits UK cinemas November 21.