List Of The Worst Baby Names 2017 Released


An updated list of the UK’s least popular baby names has been released, with many once fashionable names now languishing in obscurity.

The list has revealed how endangered names such as Cilla, Bertha, Clive and Ian are all at risk of becoming as dead as a Dodo.

Just like clothing, names shift and change with the times and can reflect anything from current boy bands to Netflix prison dramas.

Interestingly, the name Piper enjoyed quite a boom back in 2016, supposedly after everyone’s favourite white collar jailbird:

Orange is the New Black/Netflix

According to Babycentre, although we’ve seen some traditional names being revived, such as Ivy and Archie – these tend to follow a ‘short and sweet’ trend.

Boys’ names tend to be shortened – think Charlie rather than Charles.

Modern parents are said to be opting for names such as Isla and Evie for girls, and Theo and Freddie for boys.

Clive and Janice haven’t appeared once in 2017, it seems no-one by these names has been registered. A sad year indeed…

Coronation Street/ITV

Here is the full list of the most at-risk names, should you so wish to bring one in out of the cold:

For Girls:

Cilla, Bertha, Cynthia, Janice, Anita, Marcia (Maybe American Crime Story could revive this gem?).

Followed by Mildred, Dorothy, Edna, Bonnie (I personally think this is pretty cute, no?) and Cindy.

And last but not least, Cindy, Donna, Gail and Karen.


For Boys:

Ian, Frank. Clarence, Ricky and Edmund.

This is followed by Gus, Roger, Bertram, Clive and Roald – who wouldn’t want to be named after the magically imaginative children’s book author?

Wikimedia Commons

I always felt my name was deeply uncool and dated as a teenager, making me sound kind of like a spinster, but now, I kind of like it and it’s all gravy.

Look prospective parents. There aren’t enough Cindy’s or Gus’ out there so do your bit!…please.