List Of UK’s Top Security Threats Revealed, With Some Surprises

by : UNILAD on : 08 Nov 2015 15:14

Russia and ebola are some of the surprise inclusions on an updated list of the top potential security threats to the United Kingdom.


The new list has been drawn up as part of the Government’s next National Security Strategy, following a major security review.

Concerns about Russia’s “rising aggression”, following Vladimir Putin’s actions in the Ukraine last year, not to mention uncertainty surrounding the real cause of the Metrojet crash in Egypt, have led to the nation’s inclusion on the list.


As reported by the Mail Online, the report said:


The last five years have seen a range of international developments, ranging from the growth of radicalisation and fundamentalism to growing concerns around our energy supply, and rising aggression from Russia. Russia’s actions in Ukraine have introduced question marks over the role and future of NATO operations in neighbouring countries and re-awakened the threat posed by Russia to states in Eastern Europe and the Baltic, some of which are NATO and/or EU member states.

Russia’s increasing isolation in international politics (for example, the G8 met last year as the G7, excluding President Putin from the table), increased military spending and apparent willingness to display force in the face of universal condemnation suggest the next five years could well see an escalation of the Russian threat to the security of Western Europe.

Unsurprisingly, the international terrorism threat from ISIS and Al-Qaeda tops the list, with issues like cybersecurity, religious fundamentalism and climate change also making an appearance.


But, after David Cameron’s comments on Twitter following the Labour leadership election, I’m sure we’re all very shocked to see that Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t make his way onto the list. Right Dave?

It may also seem slightly rich to some that the list includes China and their potential human rights abuses of citizens, considering the UK government are currently setting up billions of pounds’ worth of trade deals with the country.

Anyway, here’s the list in full:

– International terrorism threat from interactions between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Islamic State) and Al-Qaeda and their encouragement of others to follow in their path.
– UK jihadists returning from Syria, Iraq and other troubled areas.
– Religious fundamentalism and intolerance across religions.
– Ukraine’s volatile situation after the annexation of Crimea and the shooting down of a Malaysia civilian plane.
– Russia’s increased aggression including increased military spending and apparent willingness to display force.
– Uprisings against authoritarian regimes, but generated political upheaval, civil disorder, and conflict across North Africa and the Middle East.
– China’s authoritarianism and persistent human rights abuses on the part of the Chinese government.
– Cybersecurity and organised crime.
– Increasing levels of forced population movement and migration, stemming from a variety of causes including conflict, economic instability and the impact of a changing climate.
– Climate change.
– Energy infrastructure.
– Economic shifts and stagnation in the Eurozone.
– The potentially devastating impact of a global health scare such as the West African ebola crisis.

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