Lithuanian Prankster Finds Loophole To Apply For UKIP Leadership


After Brexit, it’s fair to say that the British political landscape may never be the same again. 

The EU referendum – which was supposed to finally settle divisions in both the Labour and Conservative parties once and for all – has only led to more in-fighting, political uncertainty and resignations left, right and centre.

Two of the main Leave campaign protagonists – Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage – are among those to leave us mere mortals to pick up the pieces in the wake of the UK leaving the EU, while they live out the rest of their lives in middle-class bliss.

Farage essentially pulled off the world’s least popular mic drop with Brexit and now, with so many UKIP party members gunning for his job, maybe there’s another name we can throw into the mix?

Meet Antanas Guoga.

As well as being a multi-millionaire from his poker-playing days and his subsequent online poker empire, he’s also a Lithuanian MEP.

Guoga, also known as ‘Tony G’, is no stranger to UKIP, after offering Farage a €1 million bet if Brexit happened – luckily, old Nige didn’t take the bet.


But now, his European parliament team have found a loophole in the UKIP leadership election, which means Tony could actually run for the UKIP leadership election.

And as a Lithuanian man with Australian heritage, being pro-European and anti-Brexit, he’s pretty much UKIP’s Antichrist.

In an email to UKIP admissions, provided exclusively to UNILAD, Guoga wrote:

I am writing to you today to confirm my intention to run for the position of leader of UKIP. Myself and my political staff have reviewed the leadership credentials and constitutional and see no reason why a man of my standing cannot apply, so sincerely hope you receive my application in good faith.

farage web thumb

Doubt they will, but it’s worth a go I guess?

Guoga rattled off a number of tongue in cheek reasons as to why he’d be absolutely perfect to fill ol’ Nige’s former seat and it’s pretty spot on.

They included ‘Loss of income due to Romanians’- referring to a fellow poker player who beat him in the past; ‘knowledge of the immigration system’- because of his half Lithuanian, half Australian descent; and my own personal favourite ‘Leaving after I have won’- a mantra that many Brexiteers have lived by in the aftermath of the EU referendum.

He also made a cheeky dig at the Leave campaign’s promise to put the £350 million spent per week on the EU (a myth) to the NHS, something which Farage confirmed only hours after the result wasn’t going to happen.

Guoga said: 

Unlike some previous leaders, I keep my promises. In my political career I have donated my salary to charitable causes and would offer to do the same as leader of UKIP. It might not quite amount to the £350million promised, but all of my salary – if elected – will be donated to the NHS.

Michael Gove Outlines His Bid For The Conservative Party LeadershipGetty

Sod the UKIP leadership, get him in as prime minister ASAP.

After all, I doubt he’d do a worse job than the guys fighting it out for the Tory leadership right now.