Little Girl Chops Off Her Hair For ‘Boyfriend’ With Cancer

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When this 9-year-old saw her friend lose all his hair due to chemotherapy treatments for cancer, she decided to chop off her own blonde locks to support him.


Libby Tucker-Spiers made the decision after visiting her 7-year-old best friend Aiden Selleck – who was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour, a rare form of kidney cancer in April – in the hospital after his third round of chemotherapy.

And for Libby, who has been friends with Aiden for most of her life, the decision was made without the slightest hesitation. The two even insist that they’re “boyfriend and girlfriend” and, according to their parents, they exchange cards every Valentine’s Day.

Speaking to ABC News, Libby’s mother Charlie Spiers said:

She saw him on the bed and he was pale – white as a ghost. I think it shocked her because he didn’t have any hair.

She’s got so much going on herself with her own learning difficulties. She’s just selfless. She’s an amazing little girl, but Aiden is just as amazing.


Libby went to a salon and had 11 inches of her long blonde hair cut off. Charlie Spiers suggested that Libby donate her hair to ‘Little Princess Trust’ – a UK children’s charity that makes wigs from real hair for cancer patients and those who suffer from non-cancer related hair loss such as alopecia.

With the help of her mum, Libby has also started a fundraising venture for her hair to be made into a wig and an “End of Chemo” party for Aiden. The money will also be allocated to the CLIC Sargent charity and Aiden’s medical treatments.

The fundraiser has already more than doubled its original goal of £650 ($1,000), with £1,230 raised (and counting).

Speaking to the Mirror, Charlie added:

Libby is always by his (Aiden’s) side. They may be young but they adore each other. It’s a real love story.

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