Little Girl Says NO To Homophobic Hate Preacher



This 7-year-old girl is currently taking the internet by storm and for all the right reasons.

Her instant notoriety is all thanks to a short video in which she holds her own against an anti-LGBT hate preacher with a simple gesture – holding up a rainbow flag.

Zea Bowling is her name, and Ryan Bowling, her father, is the cameraman in said footage that comes straight out of a community festival in Ohio.

Speaking about the incident, Ryan said that when Zea heard the preacher, she was “shocked as to why he would bother to come to the community festival just to be so mean”.

Since the footage hit the internet, Zea has been getting a monumental amount of praise for her actions, and rightly so. Any child in that situation could have been extremely intimidated – she held her own like a young adult and should be extremely proud.

The video has already been viewed by over 250,000 people in one day on YouTube, and it has gone so viral that the moment has even been immortalised on a t-shirt.

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Designed by Zachary Traxler the t-shirt features the text of the 14th Amendment, and proceeds will go towards Zea’s family and an LGBT charity.